Monday, April 2, 2012

Stop Bugging Me !!!

In Seattle, Washington, is an extermination
 company with the company name,
 "Stop Bugging Me,"

On their advertising pages on the Internet,
 they invited customers to comment on the
 service they received.Some of the comments
 are less than complimentary, but most of
 them praise SBM's zapping of household pests.

Here is one of the customer comments.
 It has a certain humor to it. Little doubt that the
 comment was from one of the West Coast's

"Fuzzy Free 
by 'sugarpants1987' at Citysearch

My landlord is a freakin jerk. I've been bugging him about the little critter in my kitchen for like two weeks. I finally left him a voicemail that I'm taking care of it and the receipt will be included in my rent payment (sans the fee for the service). Jerk.
On the plus side, someone from Stop Bugging Me picked up on the first ring, made an appointment for the next day and took care of my fuzzy troublemakers. YES!!!"

This reminded me that some writings about "bugging" can be serious and others can be funny, like the comment, above. About two years ago I posted an article about "bugging" (the eavesdropping kind of bugging) on HubPages. It has been read about 5,000 times since it was written. As each day passes, the readership increases. Today it is the most widely read of all my HubPages posts - and that really amazes me. If you like, you can take a look for yourself. As for me, I am not overly impressed with the thing, but it acts like a nifty rose bush in the garden - lots of pretty flowers, but you have to look out for those sharp thorns.

Gus :-)))

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